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Minerva Group

The Minerva Group is the holding entity for the T8 entities, which includes Corporate & Business Management, Association Management, Medical Training and Marine Services. Named after the Roman Goddess of wisdom, strategy, medicine, commerce, law, trade, family and victory amongst others, our naming resonates all too well with our people, the companies that we operate and our clients.

T8 Association Management
T8 Corporate and Business Services

T8 Corporate & Business Services offers a first class service for all business looking to operate in Hong Kong and Singapore offering a diverse range of professional services, including co sec, cloud accounting, auditing, work visa’s, company formation (licensed), bank account opening, company directors, company maintenance, Payroll outsourcing, HR and recruitment (licensed).   We also focus on identifying, preparing, applying for and following up on government grants that are applicable to our clients.


T8 Association Management provides a unique set of services to Associations, Society’s and Clubs both in Hong Kong and on an international footing. With over twelve years’ experience in managing professional Associations and Clubs, with a soft yet decisive leadership style, T8 Association Management team has proven its capability to deliver organizational growth (membership and influence), membership retention and growth.


T8 First Response provides primary and secondary care courses, advanced life support and the provision of equipment.  Our leading courses are led by some of the most experienced and skilled professionals in the emergency care industry. T8 First Response is one of the few registered training centres with Emergency First Response Australia and partners in Hong Kong with providers of AEDs.


T8 Shared services is the centralised management company for the group and look after all our staff, training, recruiting and HR, facilities, leasing, IT systems, legal and group accounting that support the group of companies.


The individual companies are responsible for their own planning, execution, operational functions, product or service-related insurance and banking. 


Charter Junks HK is a leading boat chartering business in Hong Kong, offering a wide variety of corporate and private charter packages and tours to take advantage of Hong Kong’s fantastic waters and coastline. Our current fleet includes two newly refurbished traditional teak junks with a capacity of 30 guests on each vessels, they are crewed by professional captains, crewman and hosts.


T8 Marine owns, manages and facilitates the maintenance, crewing, mooring of our boats ‘Kitty’ and ‘Poppy’ that operate for Charter Junks HK.  In addition to our own vessels we offer marine management services on request.  This can include mooring, servicing, crewing, surveys, annual marine filings, sourcing insurance and the chartering of privately held vessels to the wider market. Please email for more information

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