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The Minerva Group was formed in 2018 as the holding company for a number of Hong Kong companies that had been founded by Steve Tait and Sharon McEneff under the T8 Consulting brand.  Initially focused on association management and operating from a houseboat in Hong Kong, the company quickly grew and now includes along with the association management offering a diversified portfolio of companies including: corporate and business services, import and export (trading) services, marine services, vessel chartering and medical training services and equipment.

As the businesses grew and diversified the management team restructured the activities under a holding company which has allowed all the companies to benefit from a unified robust governance model, increased flexibility through centrally managed resources, diversity in problem solving,  mitigated key person risks and embraced a cross border and time zone working model.

Minerva Group

Women Led Mission

As the companies formed we focused on

hiring an amazing team of
ladies, we understand the importance

of family, we have focused on
giving new mums or mums to be a way

back to work that provides
balance does not impact their family life

and recognises them for the
incredible skills, knowledge and commitment

that they can bring to
the group and to our clients.

As with our namesake our team embodies
wisdom, strategy, medicine, commerce,

law, trade and above all family.

Women photo_cropped_edited.jpg

Inclusion & Development 

The Minerva Group and all its companies

believe in inclusion. Our team
come from every background and culture imaginable, young and old,
mobile and not so mobile.

We focus on giving opportunities

to all andtraining our

people to be the best they can be.

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