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Women Led Mission

As the companies were formed we focused on hiring ladies, we understand the family is core to so we focus on giving new mums or mums to be a way back to work that does not impact their family life and recognises them for the incredible skills they can bring to the group and to our clients. As with our namesake our team of amazing ladies embody wisdom, strategy, medicine, commerce, law, trade, family and above all victory in everything they do for their clients

Inclusion & Development


The Minerva Group and all its companies believe in inclusion.  Our team come from every background imaginable, young and old, mobile and not so mobile. We focus on giving

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Sharon & Steve have lived in Hong Kong for over 21 years and both originally from Scotland with event management background.  

Sharon McEneff


Founder and Chairman

Sharon is Managing Director and has oversight of all Minerva Group businesses. She has been in Hong Kong 21 years and been in business for over 12 years working on operations, marketing, communications and accounting.

Steve Tait



Steve is our consulting Director and assists in Minerva Group Services. Steve's background is a programme and project delivery specialist, based in Hong Kong, who has been engaged by many large organisations to deliver business critical change.

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